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Although I haven't watched it since it was released, it seems to be doing fairly well, and just before the 1 year anniversary (Feb 28th 2011) its now won two awards from IGN and Rock, Paper, Shotgun, winning best indie game. Im very happy with the game so far, and its been a lot of fun making and testing it. The game is still just playable, although it has a few bugs, but I can't wait for more updates and a full release. The game now has an official website ( The game has also been re-titled, from its original and working title of "Untitled Game" to "Split Second - More Perfect Edition" I have now released version 0.9.1, which fixes a problem with game saving, and hopefully should make the game play more stable. In the next release (which hopefully should be released in the next day or two) the AI will be tweaked, and I'll probably also add some features that were originally planned, like a non-linear map and loading screens. But that is all up to you guys. So make some suggestions. The only other thing I can think of is that if anyone wants to help out, i need a graphics programmer! So if you know anything about graphics programming (like 3D and scripting), contact me, and I'll put you to work on it. I have managed to create a few more screenshots, which should give you a better idea of the game.Chronic granulomatous disease: a familial autosomal recessive disorder. To determine the frequency of chronic granulomatous disease in the northern plains region of the United States, and to identify and characterize cases of this potentially lethal autosomal recessive disorder. With the cooperation of physicians throughout the United States and Canada, we studied the medical records of all pediatric patients with chronic granulomatous disease and their family members. Nine patients with chronic granulomatous disease and nine family members were identified in the United States and Canada. Seven patients with chronic granulomatous disease (five with X-linked and two with autosomal recessive disease) were ascertained from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. An additional two patients were reported to the authors as possible or probable cases of chronic granulomatous disease. All patients had a history of recurrent or persistent bacterial infections, and six of the



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Download Gamesalad Pro Full Versionl laneil
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